5 Most Frequently Regretted Things

Everyone has regrets. According to one study, Eight out of ten reflect, ‘I had to be brave, so if I took the risk, life would have been better.’ and one in four longs for the love that passed. Studies show that people spend 110 hours a year just thinking ‘At that time I had to do this instead of doing that.’

What do people regret the most? The British daily ‘The Guardian’ has compiled five lists, introduced advice from experts on how to overcome them.

Saving = Many people regret their failure to save when they are young. Looking back on the past is unique to humans just like planning for the future. But you shouldn’t be held back by that way. Stop regret and just act. I can’t go back to my youth, but I can still save.

Love = It is exhausting to cling to past feelings. The important thing is the present. The past should not be allowed to dominate the present. Ask for advice from a friend who has succeeded in building a new relationship after overcoming a failure. It’s not bad to try a new meeting.

Traveling = When you are young, if you want to leave, you can just leave. It is different if you’re old. You have to maintain your house and raise your children. In some cases, someone have to take care of his or her parents who are already weakened. Why didn’t they just run around when they were freer? It is natural that regrets are coming over. To travel even now? Make sure you do two things. Which of the things you’re responsible for now can be taken off? If there is something to be held accountable for, what is the way to travel on it?

Friends = When you live, you feel that old friends are precious treasures. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch although you didn’t do it until now. You can start by asking after them. It’s also a good way to send a text message, “Shall we have a cup of tea?” with a picture taken while you and your friends were close.

Job = The lack of effort to find more paid work and more social standing work is also something which many people regret. Do focus on what you can do, not what you haven’t done. Instead of being depressed by past mistakes, you should try to learn there. That way, everyone will be a wiser person today than yesterday.

6 Health Status Telled by Female Face

As people get older, they have more aging symptoms. In particular, when women begin menopause, they suffer from sleep disorders, including face-flush, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and memory problems.

In addition to aging, there are also other symptoms that are caused by malnutrition. The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, introduced the symptoms on a woman’s face and good food to eat at the cases.

Eye rim’s wrinkle = A lack of Vitamin B2 can be the cause. Lack of vitamin B2 affects eyes and skin, causing skin to crack. Foods high in vitamin B2 include cheese, almonds and eggs.

Splitting lips = Lips can be split and chapped when vitamin B6 is deficient. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in making elastic skin. Foods high in vitamin B6 include potatoes and fortified cereals with various nutrients.

Red Skin = When zinc is scarce, the skin can turn red. A zinc deficiency can also cause acne. Zinc is rich in yogurt, beef, and chickpeas.

Dry skin = When vitamin A is not enough, the skin can become dry. Vitamin A, also called retinol, plays an important role in making skin resilient and young. It is rich in sweet potatoes, cheese, and liver.

Dandruff = A lack of a mineral called biotin increases dandruff. Biotin plays an important role in keeping hair, nails, and skin healthy. Biotin-rich foods include eggs, whole-grains and milk.

Thin fine hair, lacking in bounce = These symptoms can occur when there is a lack of biotin and vitamin C. Eating tangerines, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits can make you intake a lot of these ingredients.

4 Bad Habits To Improve Quickly

Habitual bad behavior makes work less efficient and waste energy. It is the same for health. In this regard, based on data from www.webmd.com, we will find out about bad habits that have a negative impact on the health that needs to be improved quickly.

Twist hair

There are women who have a habit of spinning their hair around their fingers. It doesn’t matter to give a slight turn to enrich the curls of hair. However, if you twist it habitually, it can be pulled hard enough to irritate your hair’s roots.

If your hair is pulled tight enough, it will damage your hair’s roots. The practice of twisting your hair can be negligible.

However, habit is likely to be formed by long repeated actions and continue to do the same. Stimulating hair roots in the long term can cause temporary or permanent damage to hair.

Pull hair out

When a habit of spinning hair get worse, they also lead to ‘trichotillomania’ that excessively pull out hair. Trichotillomania is a habit of pulling one’s own hair. This behavior is also feared to cause permanent loss of hair, leading to alopecia areata.

In addition, the habit of excessively plucking hair stems from mental obsessive compulsions and thus requires psychiatric treatment. Sometimes, people pull out hair from other areas, including eyelashes. If a child shows such behavior, he or she should be allowed to undergo psychological or drug treatment.

Nail biting

One of the most common habits is fingernail biting. People with longstanding habits often bite their nails as well as the flesh around them. Eventually, the skin around the fingernails is damaged.

There is a risk of infection if germs in the mouth are spread to areas where skin has been peeled and cut. On the contrary, germs on your fingers enter your mouth and cause infections in your mouth or throat.

The habit of biting one’s own nails is known as one of the hard-to-break habits. Having a nail art hobby or chewing gum can reduce the act of biting nails unconsciously.

Crack neck joint

There are people who snap their neck joints out of them when they feel a stitch or tired. When you break your neck like this, you feel cool, and you do it repeatedly do this.

However, repeated neck fractures can cause ligament damage due to excessive motility of joint. Further prolonged ligament damage may also lead to arthritis. It is desirable to replace it with a light neck stretching exercises.